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Adding an update

How to add a comment, photo, or video on Lightcatch to an existing alert.


To add a comment, photo, or video start by tapping on the map area

Once you have tapped the map the screen should look like this below.  

A line will be drawn from the most recent update with a location to your update.  In this example the update will show up as location #2.

Once the location is set tap in the 'Add a comment....' section to start typing.  It should look like this below.

When the text is added images and video can also be uploaded by tapping on the Camera icon.  (A comment is not required.  Images or video can be added as an update.)

Finally tap on the orange arrow to the right of the camera to send the update to everyone else on Lightcatch

Some final tips

All images and videos are automatically added to the main image gallery.  Sometimes an admin will rearrange the images to help the public see what to look for faster.

Adding a comment without a location does not alert anyone.  Your comment will stay on the app but the update will be silent.

All updates are anonymous, your identity is always protected.