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How to share camera access with Alarm.com

1. Open up Alarm.com in a browser

2. Tap Login on the top right hand conner.

3. Login with the same credentials that you use for the app

4. Once you have logged tap Users on the side panel. (Screenshot 1)

5. Click Mange Logins (Screenshot 2)

6. Add a Login (Screenshot 3)

7. Enter the Emergency Contacts emails (Screenshot 4)

8. Enter their name (Screenshot 4)

9. Click Save (Screenshot 5)

10. Select Read Only (Screenshot 6)

11. Click Save (Screenshot 6)

12. Repeat steps 6 - 11 for your other Emergency Contacts

13. You Emergency Contacts will get an email to finish up their account, once their account is set up they can view your cameras from the mobile app.