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Naming Suspects - Policy

Can a suspect be named on the Lightcatch app  

If there is verifiable confirmation of who the person is the suspect's identity can be provided on Lightcatch.

Here are some common sources of verified identity.


This confirmation should be provided with the update or the name will be declined.

a) Police report

b) Employer's report (in cases of internal theft)

c) Membership card (in cases of customer committing a crime)


Here are sources that can not be verified.

a) Facebook profile

b) First hand account

c) Social media opinion


Our suggestion is if you know the suspect and can provide a positive identification call the local police detachment with that information.

While we completely understand the outrage and hurt crime can cost we've yet to understand how knowing who a person is can help a community crowdsource information for the police any better. Put another way, the name will certainly help police do an investigation but the community can not do an investigation and that is outside of the use of Lightcatch.

We've also seen too times a named suspect has been 100% wrong.

Our promise to our users is to only spend 5 minutes per week and they will make a difference to others who need their help nearby. Naming a suspect does not help the vast majority of those users.

For Lightcatch to be a trusted resource that operates legally and safely we believe this is the best policy.


Reach us at help @ lightcatch.net or via chat if there is something important in this regard we are overlooking.