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Setting Your Location

Adding a location to the app is critical for it to work


To set one of these location open the Lightcatch app and press the menu button in the top left corner. Once the menu appears choose Settings. In Settings you'll need to tap on Home or Work. Scroll, pinch, zoom to a location that is close to your home, work or other location that is important to you.

Almost everyone should set the distance to 20km to get notice of any activity that is close by.

Once this is set you'll see every alert or call for help nearby right away.  And when everyone works together it can make the whole neighbourhood a much safer place.

Android users can set up to 5 locations and name each one.  iPhone users can set 2 locations only.

If you are stuck feel free to reach out to us at hello@lightcatch.net or via the website chat www.lightcatch.net