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Step #3 - Track movement in real time

The problem is WAY worse than we've ever been told. This problem is so unsafe and so dangerous its unbelievable no one has fixed it.


An enormous problem costing needless injury, accidents, missed arrests, and even deaths is the fact none of us can send images or video to 911.

Dangers to the public + dangerous people - Can you imagine spotting someone armed with a gun but not being able to send any video or images of what the person looks like to 911? This is actually how it works today!

High speed - reckless drivers - Police usually stop following a reckless driver because the danger to the public is too high. Criminals know this and love to drive as fast as possible to avoid arrest. This leaves the rest of us with no way to know when a vehicle is flying down the road near a loved one. If you see a reckless driver upload it to Lightcatch right away! It may help save someone's life.

Suspicious activity, dangerous driving, property crime, and more can be tracked when enough people use Lightcatch.

The pictures below are an example of how policing and the community kept updating each other until this car flying down the highway was stopped and the driver arrested. Police estimated this vehicle was doing 170km/h without any regard for others lives.